Our Green Commitment

At The Wheel Depot Plus we care about the environment. This is the reason we continuously promote the used tire industry. The idea of used tires is misunderstood to be a risk in terms of the quality of the product. We aim to educate people about the ways this has been combated - including quality-assurance measures such as our practice of only selling used tires with at least 50% remaining tread life. Buying used tires is not what it used to be, and customers can now enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing exactly how used a tire is. While we sell new tires as well, we nevertheless are committed to the notion of reusing tires because we believe it has a positive effect on the environment.

It is also thanks to our concern for the environment that we have become associated with the Ontario Tire Stewardship, an industry-funded organization dedicated to the environmentally-friendly treatment of used and scrap tires.

This organization has started the Used Tires Program for systematically dealing with used tires. This includes the establishment of certified used tire collection locations and the reuse of raw materials from scrap tires. It also includes a goal of eliminating the approximately 2.98 million stockpiled tire sites across the province.

By taking part in the Used Tires Program, The Wheel Depot Plus can accept your used tires without charging a disposal fee. It's a win-win situation!